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Type of work Decontamination soils per biologic treatment
Customer SITA - SUEZ

Soil remediation consists mainly of making the soil and subsoil of an area suitable for new industrial use or residential use after it has been polluted by an industrial activity or accident.

Indeed, the presence of pollutants in the soil poses problems of toxicity when these pollutants can migrate (under the effect of the flow of water, the manipulation of the earth, plantations, the acidification of the environment ...); once in the food chain they come into contact with the man through his diet. In addition, even without immediate danger to health, one may want to clean up a site to protect ecosystems or to enhance the value (in building zone for example) by reducing the risk that it could put to future users.

The terracing and in situ treatment technique is often the most used because it is less expensive.

The property boundaries of these lands force the companies in charge of the excavation to maintain the land and limit the influence of the earthworks.
KRINGS Trench Shoring help maintain vertical walls and preserve the environment.