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  • Types of item
    • Slide rail systems
    • Trench boxes
  • Types of job
    • Laying of pipe
    • Laying of precast elements
    • Civil engineering structure
    • Cast in situ
    • Laying of guide comb
    • Laying of underground container
    • Bridge piers
    • Girder flange
    • Urban heating
    • Decontamination of Soils

Plaine du Var

Contractor TAMA - EIFFAGE
Subject Structuring way of the Plaine du Var

Within the market of the new urban way of Plaine du Var, the group Eiffage TP, Tama realizes Lot "outlet to the Var."

It should make a major work rainwater between the future path and the Var, over a length of about 1000 meters, which will allow drainage and improved stormwater treatment hill.