Our references
  • Types of item
    • Slide rail systems
    • Trench boxes
  • Types of job
    • Laying of pipe
    • Laying of precast elements
    • Civil engineering structure
    • Cast in situ
    • Laying of guide comb
    • Laying of underground container
    • Bridge piers
    • Girder flange
    • Urban heating
    • Decontamination of Soils

Halle Freyssinet

Paris - 13
Contractor SEGEX
Date Novenber 2015
Nature of works Sewage network cast in situ
Depth About 6.50m

The building, witness of the old railway activity of the Left Bank in Paris, is currently undergoing conversion work.

After having stopped its activities in 2006, SNCF sold the building to the Municipality of Paris, who sold to the consortium formed by the administrative Dpt and Xavier Niel, in order to create the largest digital incubator in Paris. Installed on more than 30,000 m2, this new incubator will be a unique space to promote the emergence of new talent: he will welcome among others, dedicated spaces like coworking facilities, fablab, a large auditorium, meeting rooms , large work areas, a huge restaurant open bar 24h / 24, as many places to meet, exchange and freedom.