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Haute-Garonne - 31
Type of work Pipe culvert cast in situ (shoring plates used as exterior framework onto 3.7m hight) with a thickness wall up to 75 cm!
Caracteristics Depth 4.00m; table water; various changes of direction and width of ouvrage
Work rate 30 ml per day

The site -TOULOUSE Blagnac was chosen by Airbus for the establishment of the factory in charge of manufacturing the A380.
This super- carrier tunes will fly with the greatest commercial capacity.

The specificity of this flying technology affects upstream course on site. For this, the customer AIRBUS trusted by a group of recognized national companies : DV CONSTRUCTION, SOGEA , DODIN .

A project of this magnitude can not leave room for any negligence.

In the framework of the ZAC Aéroconstellation infrastructure works, service tunnels with a length of 3500 ml are achieved. These galleries are rectangular sections 2.2mx2.6m to 2.9x3.6m with lyres, low points and traps large.

The trench shore is a prominent tool in such a market. Although the protection of the companions of the group is the priority, it remains as profitability, rates of progress, the working comfort, the versatility of the material and the reactivity of stakeholders are points which KRINGS INTERNATIONAL France was able to meet as partner.

Indeed, the study office KRINGS INTERNATIONAL France responded specifically to the constraints imposed by the specifications by providing accurate and practical solutions with a commitment to results.

To meet the rates of progress 300ml of double slide rail system parallel with panels of 2.00m , 3.00m , 3.50m , 4.00m and 5.00m were made available to the site.

Not less than 685 tons of equipment; 31 semi -trailers have been delivered !

A large and heavy logistics orchestrated for the success of the project, not annoying in any way other stakeholders such as scrapers and bulldozers other.

Equipment specific shielding descent reinforcement cages and tunnel formwork has been designed and developed to increase day after day rates of progress of construction.

KIF could only answer such quantities, in such a short time with such precision.