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    • Slide rail systems
    • Trench boxes
  • Types of job
    • Laying of pipe
    • Laying of precast elements
    • Civil engineering structure
    • Cast in situ
    • Laying of guide comb
    • Laying of underground container
    • Bridge piers
    • Girder flange
    • Urban heating
    • Decontamination of Soils

Bridge pier

St Fargeau Ponthierry

Upgrading works PS3 and PS5 - strengthening and enhancement works to the PR 36 and PR 39 +680 +510.

The contract is for work on the shock hardening pier and enhancement, respectively, 26 cm and 15 cm Item PS3 and PS5 to cross the A6 motorway.

To protect people evolving the bottom of the excavation company DEMATHIEU & Bard relied on services KRINGS INTERNATIONAL France for the supply of panels. Worksite constraints reside in the little space limiting the capacity of earth-moving and handling; little draft of air to the low height of the deck and the obligation not to rest against the stack to be able to flow directly against it.

Therefore KIF deliver to Demathieu, its panels of sliding system.