Mini pile guide box KKP

Mini pile guide box KKP

Always concerned by productivity, safety and environmental protection, KIF developed a guiding system who assures a perfect and permanent guide of the sheet piles.

This system allows the passage of cross services such as gas, water lines, electrical & telecom cables.

This "special shoring wheel excavator" is the perfect complement with the boxes type KVL. These pile guides offer a perfect adaptability, and permanent safety while gaining an optimal productivity.

They are equiped with KVL type spindles and their installation is up to 3m deep with a mobile & medium size excavator.

KD4 (22 kg/ml) sheet piles are required.

Unit lenght 2.00 m - 2.8 m
Height box 0.60 m
Weight 560 kg - 730 kg
Depth recommended Up to 3.50 m
Handling machine Exacavator : 7 - 13 tons