Standard box KS60

Standard box KS60

This compact box combines robustness and lightness.

Its handiness and its resistance allow a user-friendliness work in shallow or deeper excavations. The spindles used on this box are those of the range known as “heavy” and allow a descent of the system by “cutting, digging & pushing down” while excavating. Widths are variable with suitability thanks to the extensions pipes that are simply “plugged-in” into the spindle.

The thickness of these panels (60 mm) makes it possible to maximize clearance of work and to limit the floor space of the excavated trench.

Unit length 2.00 m - 3.50m
Height base box 2.40 m
Height top box 1.30 m
Pipe clearence Max. 1.35 m
Weight 1120 kg - 1710 kg
Depth recommended Up to 4.00 m
Handling machine Excavator : 12 - 18 tons